Welcome from the Principal

Welcome from the Principal

Dear IWS community,

I extend a warm welcome to new students, families, and faculty joining International Well-Rounded School. We open our virtual doors of learning for primary to 6th form students who shall acquire new skills and expand their knowledge through our structured lessons.

We commit ourselves to cultivate a nurturing and dynamic classroom environment for our students with a rigorous curriculum in place. Our academic team supports individual growth as students excel academically and express themselves creatively.

As a British online school for international and local students, we ensure that high-quality education gets delivered to your screens. We are an accredited British online school that uses Cambridge Assessment International Education as a criteria to track academic progress. These are supported by advanced technology that simplifies everything from application, revisions, exam evaluation.

Our flexible timetables and small class sizes facilitate personalised learning experiences as each lesson progresses. Students can ask questions during class or email their respective teachers for further support. In addition to this, these digitised lessons are recorded and accessible upon request for reinforcement. The accessibility allows students to study individually with relevant tools and resources provided by programme coordinators.

Enrolling in classes on a virtual medium gives IWS a chance to teach a global community. Each lesson presents a new challenge as students learn to utilise theoretical knowledge and implement it practically. Sometimes through STEM activities and others through creative expression via stage performances.

The diverse opportunities provided through our online Cambridge education system allows our students to learn skills beyond the classroom. We have elective subjects from secondary level classes to select subjects based on personal/professional pursuits. These include music and drama classes, foreign language learning lessons (i.e. Chinese, Spanish, French, etc.). We have online extracurricular activities and societies to encourage students to become confident and thoughtful members of our society. They are taught to accept cultural differences and practice compassion by supporting each other.

Our dedicated and trained teaching faculty stays by their side at every educational and personal milestone. We make the time spent studying in this British online school worthwhile for students through the profound lessons we teach every day.

Thank you for joining us on this ground-breaking journey. I wish to see you become an active part of our virtual society through participation, effective communication, and personal initiatives.

I wish you the best of luck for the coming academic year.

Founding Principal, International Well-Rounded School

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