Vocational Schools

Vocational Schools

Building a Strong Academic Foundation for Students Enrolled in Vocational Schools

We empower sporting and performing arts students by offering quality education scheduled around their training regimes and practice sessions

At IWS, we are eager to work with sports academies and performing arts schools that require educational partners. With online learning, we can ensure that enrolled students do well academically. Simultaneously while our vocational school partners camshall overlook performance in the field and on stage.

We understand that sporting and performing arts students face several challenges performing to the best of their abilities on and off the field. Quality education serves as a safety net for them while they dedicate their attention and focus to becoming elite-level performers.

An Adaptive and Career-Driven Online Schooling System

IWS takes a flexible approach to ensure the online curriculum aligns with the demands of sporting and performing arts students. We support learners to fit education around their rehearsals, training sessions, and tournaments.

Our cloud-based learning platform makes it easier for students to share knowledge. They can use this opportunity to explore their strengths and think beyond typical career paths without compromising their academic performance.

The combination of online classes and recorded lessons ensure learners can catch up on their studies with ease and convenience. They can access learning materials at any time to revisit the concepts taught in class.

More importantly, our UK qualified teachers play an integral role in ensuring that these students do not fall behind their studies and receive required attention in developing intellectual skills.

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Academics + Ambitions = Success

We cultivate a vibrant community of motivated and empowered students who aren’t afraid to pursue their passions and make friends from all over the world. We offer timetabled lessons and virtual classes to provide these students with a structured learning environment.

IWS students can log into the student portal to access recorded timetabled lessons they may have missed. This ensures a personalised and highly engaging learning experience, where students can ask questions during and after class to facilitate their learning.

Key Benefits:

  • A flexible learning experience to accommodate time spent in training and rehearsals
  • Quality education recognised globally to ensure students can explore alternative career options if they wish to apply to traditional universities
  • Online lessons that can be revisited in real-time
  • 24/7 access to the curriculum and learning resources

Having a well-integrated educational support team through IWS ensures that students experience a linear progress in educational and passionate pursuits.

Let’s Work Together to Raise the Next Generation of Athletes and Artists.

Representatives of sporting academies, stage school, and international schools can contact us to initiate a partnership for their students. We can work together to give bright and talented students a holistic learning experience that nurtures their athletic/artistic abilities without compromising on educational progress.

With IWS, you can source the best teachers online. Our teachers are known for offering flexible support through online channels by delivering a broad curriculum that focuses on the personal development and academic growth of students. You can request particular courses and schedules to meet the unique needs of your students. Consequently, allowing you to provide on-demand education without having to expand your staff base.

Please contact us for further inquiry. We eagerly await your proposal as we use our collective expertise to teach future athletes and artists.

Have questions about this collaboration? Parents, guardians, and academy representatives can book a call to discuss prospects.

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