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Teaching Relationships At An Online School

Teaching Relationships at an Online School

It has often been said that teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions. It is true that many high achievers have credited the success of their career to the support and inspiration of one of their teachers. Some think a downside of learning online is not having a connection with a teacher. However, we understand that teaching relationships at an online school is just as important as at a traditional bricks and mortar school. Read on to understand how the culture and systems at IWS supports a strong relationship with students.

Quality Credentials

Quality teaching means quality teachers. We carefully select our teachers to exemplify the values and ethics we want to model for our students. All IWS teachers have been granted qualified teaching status by the Department for Education in the UK. They receive additional training in the Cambridge curriculum , which is globally recognised by universities and employers.


Though students at an online school have the freedom and flexibility to set their own pace and schedule, that does not mean that there is a lack of accountability. IWS has sophisticated technology which allows teachers and administrators to maintain accurate attendance and performance records. Teachers regularly assign homework to develop and deepen the material presented in class and ensure that students are fully engaged in their learning process.


Without the benefit of physically being in a classroom together every day, teaching relationships at an online school are developed and maintained with frequent communication. IWS teachers engage directly with students on their own personal page, provide individual feedback on assignments, and offer detailed comments in the help centre. This gives students valuable practice in growing their communication and problem solving skills. Students are also empowered to ask anonymous questions in class, and access our online portal to check assignment deadlines, timetables, and communicate with teachers.

Creating A Community

Building strong teaching relationships at an online school means using tools and strategies to regularly engage students. IWS creates a community for students in a number of different ways. Our online classes are engaging and immersive, which creates an impactful learning environment. The school hosts weekly assemblies so that each year group can gather as a community. These assemblies are powerful opportunities to celebrate important days like Earth Day and World Literacy Day, introduce cultural events, and lead presentations on relevant real-world topics. The concepts introduced in assemblies are echoed in the classroom via discussions and assignments, which reinforces the positive values which contribute to a well-rounded education.

Partnering With Parents

We appreciate the investment parents make to provide their children with an outstanding education. At IWS, we partner with parents to provide them with the tools necessary to promote a successful learning environment at home. Parents and guardians also have access to an online portal to be kept fully informed of how their child is progressing.

We’ve covered several ways to develop teaching relationships at an online school. We love to discuss the benefits of a well-rounded education – get in touch with us to see how we can enhance learning for your child.

Partnering With Parents

Author: Rebecca Page-Chapman