Summer School in UK

UK-Based Summer Camp: Jet Off on an Exciting Educational Trip!

  • When is it? : For 2-weeks, from 8 August to 22 August
  • What is it? : Blending class time with cultural excursions to UK landmarks, career counselling, and motivational seminars, this summer school is an outstanding opportunity for growth and development
  • How many classes will the students attend? : The 2-week summer programme covers over 40 hours of academic instruction. For instance, four hours each day are dedicated to English Language and Mathematics.
  • Who can join? : KS3 and KS4 students(Age 11-18) can come to the UK to study different subjects and explore university options.
  • What will we teach? : We have designed an engaging curriculum featuring skill-based lessons, 2-3 university trips, career counselling workshops, and motivational seminars (conducted by professional coaches and mentors). In addition to this, we will go sightseeing to visit historic places in London.
  • How much does it cost? : Our fun and immersive 2 week summer camp at St Edmunds in Canterbury, UK is £3000 and includes accommodation, meals, classes, and fully supervised excursions to cultural landmarks like Big Ben and Oxford University.

Please note:

  • Students should carry a vaccine certificate and recent PCR test results.
  • Parents (and guardians) must pay for the visa/passport, flight and medical insurance expenses.

Is travelling to the UK not possible this year? You can still give your child the benefit of a UK education with our fully online summer school.

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