Student Council

Student Council

Student Council

A virtual platform for future leaders.

Bringing the IWS Community Together

Our British online school gives virtual learners a chance to develop leadership and interpersonal relationship skills by joining the Student Council. Committee members are voted by the student body and IWS teachers for within their year groups.

Student representatives can host online events and carry out charitable campaigns under teacher supervision. In addition to these services, they can organise activities that boost the school spirit and promote community welfare. In addition to this, they can increase awareness within their classes about global issues that affect us.

Moreover, the Student Council works as intermediaries between learners and the administrative team. Active council members can share key issues that concern the IWS student body with the staff. Then use mutual resources and collaborative efforts to resolve these problems.


How Does the Student Council Work?

Our virtual student council works as a makeshift parliament for the IWS community. We elect members from different grades through a voting system. Elected members meet online for monthly meetings.

Besides this, the council can nominate and elect dominant designations (like the student council president, vice president, and secretary or treasurer). Each key representative will play a specific role within the student council. The remaining members can support decisions and work on various projects organised by the council.

The IWS Student Council aims to:

  • Build confidence and promote team leadership capabilities
  • Cultivate a positive and respectful environment for the student body
  • Plan online events and co-curricular activities throughout the academic year
  • Use the platform to support the global community via fundraising events, petitions, recycling campaigns and other charitable efforts)
  • Create role models for the IWS community by teaching students to become thoughtful intellects who work together for the community’s welfare
  • Give students a chance to raise their voice in support of/against specific things inside the classroom and outside it

The council is the ideal opportunity for students interested in improving their leadership, organisational, and coordination skills. Additionally, it functions as a meeting ground for students from diverse backgrounds that study in our Cambridge international school.

Do you want to become part of the student council?

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