Scholarship and Bursary

Scholarship and Bursary

Scholarship and Bursary

Every child deserves a chance to receive a world-class education.

International Well-Rounded School makes online Cambridge education accessible for students worldwide with our scholarships and bursaries. Gifted students can study in our virtual classrooms without facing any financial limitations through our funding programmes.


Students exhibiting outstanding academic skills and intelligence may apply for our scholarship programmes. Funding covers up to 50% of the annual tuition fee. We award these scholarships on merit.

However, exceptional students planning to enrol in our programme might receive some compensation for their athletic achievements, musical talent, and artistic capabilities. Scholarships for these categories are limited.


Bursary refers to a financial grant awarded to students. It can cover up to % 50 of the tuition fees. Unlike our scholarship programmes, bursaries are offered after tests and evaluations. Applicants must receive the first position at IWS before being considered for the award.

Once the student becomes eligible for a bursary, we notify the parents/guardians. These applicants must share complete details of their financial circumstances to secure funding. We adjust the bursary amount depending on individual needs to provide the required support. All confidential details are only shared with the bursary committee and relevant admission board members.

Rest assured, we shall not disclose this information to a third party.

The Selection Process

Parents can contact the admissions office at to ask for scholarships and bursaries. We shall review student profiles (i.e. past academic records and notable certifications received in extra-curricular events) to check if they qualify for the scholarship/bursary.

Comparisons are made between shortlisted nominees, after which we award a few outstanding performers. IWS doesn’t grant multiple scholarships to the same student to prevent discrimination.

Rest assured, we shall not disclose this information to a third party.

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