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A Trusted Education Partner

IWS has received accreditation from Cambridge Assessment International Education board. We provide a well-regulated and systematic UK curriculum for learning stages KS2 to KS5. Our well-defined lesson plans focus on developing academic and interpersonal skills that help learners become well-rounded and confident individuals.

Our quality education, flexible lessons, and 24/7 accessible study archive allows students to learn anywhere and anytime. The benefits of online learning can help international schools, vocational schools, and education agents to create learning pathways for students in their region.

Our online learning programme hopes to assist:

International Schools

If you’re planning to introduce a UK curriculum in your school or need teaching staff for IGCSE and AS/A level classes, then IWS can help. Work with us to introduce an online learning system for Upper Secondary and Sixth Form students.

Your students will learn in a monitored environment with UK qualified teachers. In this way, you can provide students with courses and lessons they desire without worrying about additional overhead charges, classroom capacity, or recruiting more teaching staff.

Sports Academy and Performing Arts Institutes

As your academic partner, we will create curriculums and timetabled lessons designed around your training schedule. Whether you teach art, theatre, sports, or other vocation, our qualified teachers will handle the educational aspects of their day.

Our collaborative effort will ensure that your students receive equal academic opportunities as their peers.

Alternatively, we invite students in academies to enrol in our online school. Our dedicated teachers will ensure that you can keep up with your students while balancing a busy routine at your vocational school.

Global Education Agents

Online learning enables international learners to receive the exposure and education required to excel in their chosen field. You can make these dreams come true by filling educational gaps through our flexible Cambridge-regulated schooling system.

Work with us to provide your region with valuable learning resources and tools.

Let’s Collaborate

We welcome partnerships with sporting academies, drama schools, art schools, and international educational institutions. If you’re interested in forming an affiliation with our school, we’d love to discuss prospective partnerships.

Please visit our contact page to get in touch with the IWS Team.

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