Our History and Awards

Our History and Awards

Our History and Awards

IWS is a UK-based online international school accommodating students between the ages of 11 and 18 seeking quality British education.

IWS has been serving national and international students online by the name “IWE Academy” since 2016. It offered high-quality live and recorded IGCSEs and A-Levels lessons by highly qualified and experienced teachers.

We are in partnership with international schools worldwide to provide quality education to students in Key Stages 3, 4, and 5.

Currently, the maximum class size in current courses is 12, which will later increase to 15 due to technological advancements.

Our online school follows a comprehensive school information and learning management system. All classes are recorded so that students can revisit the covered content 24/7 to solidify their understanding.


IWS is in touch with England’s Department for Education (DFE) regarding accreditation. We have been working closely with two former Ofsted Inspectors, Janev Mehmet and Anna Fontan to fulfil the DFE’s requirements and be rated “excellent”. Since the government hasn’t initiated the accreditation process for online education providers, we’re awaiting their response on our application.

That being said, IWS is a registered member of the UK Register of Learning Providers. This portal is designed for government departments, agencies, employers, and learners to share important details about learning providers. This means IWS has been verified against a recognised external source and given a UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN).

Moreover, IWS is working for the Excellence in Pupil Development Award (EPDA) to develop student skills that last a lifetime. This award provides a structured framework that helps enrich our pastoral care programme and develop essential attributes like self-discipline, self-confidence, and resilience in students.

International Well-rounded School is a registered Cambridge International School. The accreditation is not partial; it applies to our institution as a whole.
Cambridge Assessment International Education is the world’s largest non-governmental entity providing qualifications and examinations. The Cambridge International qualifications inform parents and guardians how well our British online school measures up against the standards applicable to international schools within Britain.

It makes IWS a reliable member of a global network of educators and ensures that our online school is equipped with the proper knowledge, skills, qualifications, and resources needed for the British education system.

Being a part of the Cambridge International group, we can safely say that IWS has access to high-quality educational curriculums and training resources.

Below is an outline of the educational stages offered at IWS.

Lower Secondary Curriculum (Key Stage 3 – 11-14 Years of Age)

IWS secondary curriculum encompasses years 7-9, offering English as a Second Language, Mathematics, Computing, Science, Digital Literacy, Global Perspectives, Art & Design, History, Geography, Drama, Music, French, Spanish, and German.

Upper Secondary (IGCSE) (Key Stage 4 – 14-16 Years of Age)

The Cambridge IGCSE qualification is globally recognised, serving as proof of basic competence in knowledge and skills.

The subjects in this curriculum include Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, English – First Language, English – Second Language, English Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Global Perspectives, and Art and Design.

6th Form (AS/A-Level) (Key Stage 5 – 16-19 Years of Age)

This qualification is accepted by renowned universities across the world. At IWS, we offer career counselling during this period to help students explore various career options and make well-informed decisions.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us.

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