Online Summer School

Online Summer School

A Well-Rounded Summer School Programme from an Accredited Cambridge International School

Prepare for the next academic stage through fun activities with young learners from different parts of the world.

Online Summer School

Welcome Learners!

IWS invites international students to a well-rounded summer programme designed around their academic interests. Use this time to form new friendships, develop practical skills, learn fascinating STEM concepts and more.

Our online British international school offers two models to meet student requirements and feasibility.

Online Summer School: Let the Academic Adventure Begin!

Date: 27 June to 26 August
Our online summer programme allows students to master multiple subjects with the assistance of dedicated UK qualified teachers. We use a custom-made learning software that records live lessons, student attendance and shares evaluation reports to track progress.

The global network paves the way for exciting educational opportunities for primary to A-level and IB students.

Key Information

  • How many classes will the students attend? : 3 classes a week (Tuesday-Thursday) at 08.00-11.45 in the UK time zone
    • Age 11-16, 3 classes a week (Tuesday-Thursday) at 09.00-14.20 in the UK time zone
    • Age 16-18, 2 classes a week(Monday and Friday) at 09.00-12.30 in the UK time zone
  • Who can join? : Learners from primary, secondary, IGCSE, A-level to IB classes can participate in our virtual summer programme. We will split the classes into learning levels based on a registration test.
  • What will we teach? : Students can select 1-5 subjects (Maths, Science, English, Coding, and Foreign Languages) for the online summer programme. We also provide 1-1 tuition from Monday-Friday for learners interested in catching up with missed classes or expanding knowledge of a specific subject.

If you want a fully immersive UK education experience, check out our 2-week programme happening in August in Canterbury, UK.

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