How We Teach

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How We Teach

How We Teach

We combine the power of modern technology and personalised learning to foster a spurring community for students

IWS empowers students to access all live classes, course materials, educational resources, timetables, assessments, and after-school clubs on an online portal. We take pride in bringing quality education right to their home!

Our teachers provide constant feedback to each learner on their homework to ensure they stay on top of their progress. Students can also check assignment deadlines and overall performance reports on the portal.

Parents and guardians can also keep track of their children’s progress and consult with the school staff if need be.

Highly Interactive, Online Classes

At IWS, we conduct engaging and immersive online classes to ensure students learn and perform to the best of their abilities. We have highly qualified, trained, and dedicated teachers who strive to help learners ace every educational stage confidently, moulding them into more inquisitive individuals who see the world critically and focus on finding solutions.

Students indulge in online guided discussions and personal talk time with the teachers. This increases their chances of performing well on homework and assessments. It also enhances their communication and problem-solving skills.

How We Teach | British International School | Enroll Now

Latest Teaching Models

Our expert teachers utilise the latest teaching techniques and accommodate various learning models, enabling students to modify education into something that suits their unique needs and preferences.

How We Teach | British International School | Enroll Now

Peer Networking

Our British online school allows students to interact with peers across the nation and worldwide. It gives them the opportunity to collaborate with individuals with similar or different perspectives on projects.

Consequently, IWS students become more culturally sensitive. Exposure to new cultures helps them develop adaptive skills to fit into new environments easily.

We follow the British Cambridge school terms.

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