Homework and Assignments

Homework and Assignments

Homework and Assignments

At IWS, we empower students to work independently, apply skills to new situations, and extend their learning by assigning homework regularly. Thanks to our online portal, students can revisit recorded lessons later.

Benefits of Homework

By assigning regular learning tasks to IWS students, we aim to advance their progress by months. Independent projects boost students’ motivation and commitment to a subject.

The learning potential of students is significantly improved with home learning. This approach proves to be rewarding for learners passionate about polishing their research and critical thinking skills.

Research implies that students who spend two to three hours doing homework every evening are nine times more likely to achieve A-C grades for three international A-levels subjects.

Below are the top benefits of learning outside of a timetabled lesson.

  • It allows for better knowledge retention.
  • It improves students’ understanding of the concepts taught in class.
  • It helps learners apply their knowledge outside the class.
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Home Learning Tasks

At IWS, we assign practice tasks to students to prepare them for upcoming lessons. These tasks allow them to use their knowledge and expand on it in new lessons.

Homework serves as a challenge for learners, motivating them to pay attention during classes and give their best to showcase progress.

Our teachers check if all students have completed assigned tasks and mark them to identify any recurring mistakes. Students who do not submit their work are expected to complete it later with a break time detention.

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Ongoing Support for All Learners

Our British online school encourages students to seek homework support from teachers if need be. They may also reach out to request a deadline extension on a task before the due date, given that they have a valid reason for it. Our teachers are super cooperative and understanding in such cases.

ongoing support for all learners

Homework Frequency

Lower Secondary -Year 7,8,9

Upper Secondary-Year 10 and 11

6th Form-Year 12 and 13 -Six hours for  each subject weekly, including at least one official homework assignment in addition to individual study.

IWS advises parents and guardians to ensure their children complete their assignments on time and track their progress. They should also encourage them to speak to the relevant subject teacher if any extra help is required.

To get more details or clarification on our homework timetable, feel free to reach out to us.

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