Online School Student Success Story Meet Maria

Fashion, awards, travel, and academic success? It’s a glamorous life for Maria! Ever wondered how to have it all? Maria shows that it can be done. We are thrilled to share this online school student success story. Meet Maria, who has been our student for 3 years, and is also an award winning international model. […]

Should I do A Levels or IB?

It’s a question many people begin to think about, long before sitting down to write their GCSE or IGCSE exams. Students wonder: should I do A Levels, or IB? And parents are concerned about what pathway will provide the best education opportunities and career potential for their children. Choosing whether to study for A Levels […]

The Metaverse and Education: Understanding the Benefits of an XR Campus

The use of the word ‘metaverse’ has increased recently, especially after Facebook changed its name to Meta. There has been a lot of discourse about what the metaverse is, exactly, and exploring whether it’s a trend, or the start of something which is here to stay. It is clear that there is widespread agreement that […]

6 Easy Ways to Choose Kind for National Children’s Day

One of the many wise quotes from the writer Maya Angelou is “try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud”, which is a beautiful message to encourage kindness to others. Every year in May, National Children’s Day is celebrated in the UK to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy childhood. The 2022 […]

Educating Children about Earth Day

In 1970, inspired by the growing environmental movement and publications like the book Silent Spring, April 22 was designated to be Earth Day. Now recognised around the world, Earth Day is observed by 190 countries. Community action like tree planting and beach clean-ups are becoming more common as awareness increases. These are valuable activities for […]

Benefits of Summer School

When the weather changes with the spring equinox, students start to think about the end of the school year, and the start of summer holidays. Few children or teens think about spending even more time at school! However, there are many benefits of summer school. There is more to it than just reviewing material to […]

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