Lower Secondary

Lower Secondary British Education | 11 Years Onwards


Lower Secondary

Ages 11-14

Cambridge Secondary Education

Secondary Education starts at age 11 and ends with students taking the Cambridge IGCSE exams. This educational stage comprises two phases: Lower Secondary (first three years) and Upper Secondary (two years). After completion, students will be prepared for A-levels.

Secondary education gives students a chance to discover their passion and recognise their true calling before making A-level choices.

Our online school aims to help students gain in-depth knowledge, develop independent learning skills, and make the most of course materials for future success.

The Cambridge Secondary phase is characterised by a balanced curriculum that helps students thrive in school, at work, and in other walks of life. It provides learners with plenty of opportunities to achieve the highest levels of creativity, expression, and confidence.

We empower parents to modify the secondary curriculum how they like best for their children. In addition to being flexible, our lessons are timetabled and recorded for added convenience. Students are encouraged to choose their desired combination of subjects to lay a solid groundwork for a career of their choice.

Cambridge Lower Secondary

Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum is designed for students aged 11-14 years in Stages 7 to 9.

The Lower Secondary curriculum is designed to help students develop the necessary skills and knowledge in English, mathematics, science, and seven other subjects during a three-year period.

At IWS, students get Cambridge authorised curriculum along with ongoing support from highly qualified and experienced teachers. Integrated assessments are conducted throughout the term to ensure students can apply their knowledge to real-life scenarios.

Our dedicated teachers promise to give timely performance reports to parents to ensure their peace of mind. These evaluations also allow the school to ensure the students are prepared to ace the IGCSE courses at the Upper Secondary level.

Lower Secondary British Education | 11 Years Onwards

Our Teachers

Our Secondary curriculum is designed and taught by qualified and certified teachers trained in particular subjects. These professionals have years and decades’ worth of teaching experience.

Every teacher utilises a holistic teaching approach and interactive techniques to ensure each student grasps the concepts effortlessly and develops essential skills to thrive in practical life. We encourage the students to ask questions and participate in class discussions to boost confidence and enhance interpersonal skills.

Our Approach

We boast an intelligent and interactive online learning platform for secondary students where all course materials are stored for future reference. Each lesson is recorded and taught live by certified teachers. A timetable is shared with students to ensure they stay on top of the class schedule at all times.

Each class involves interactive activities, quizzes, and engaging discussions to promote effective learning in students. Teachers use various forms of assessments to evaluate the understanding level of students. They also use virtual simulations to promote engagement and interaction in class.

We aim to make high quality British secondary education accessible and affordable for everyone. Parents can choose a package that suits their budgets and pay in advance or in instalments.

Modern Foreign Languages

Students who attend IWS should study at least one language from Modern Foreign Language category

Additional Subjects

Pupils can opt for the following subjects in addition to the core lessons. These are available for an extra cost per year.

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